Jackson Wang And Jay B Are A Meme For Their Way of Getting Excited 2022 #Celebrity

Jackson Wang: It’s been a long time since we’ve seen GOT7 members attend award shows as a group, but there are many memories and memes of the feats idols had at these kinds of events and one of them became a meme.

Surely you remember iconic moments of GOT7 at gala events, like when BamBam was caught singing passionately and then covered his face, when the idols’ table was confiscated because they were playing with water bottles, and more.

Some of these situations only remain as funny anecdotes in the career of the idols of K-Pop and AHGASE cannot leave them behind, but we have also witnessed the birth of some memes starring one or more members of GOT7.

Surely you recognize this meme from Jay B and Jackson Wang cheering on a group while both look excited, only each one transmits a different vibe, we tell you more details.

Jay B and Jackson Wang have different styles getting excited at award shows

This short video has already traveled the social networks, either as a clip, as a gif or simply as a photo that captures the moment. The two GOT7 members are all dressed up and seem to be enjoying the show.

However, while Jay B. smiles at the camera and does some very lively dances, Jackson Wang He remains serious and with a rigid posture, but yes, clapping his hands and staring at the stage.

What is the story of the Jay B and Jackson Wang meme at an award show?

This is a fragment captured in the MAMA awards of 2018, the same ones that took place in Hong Kong, where Jackson Wang originates. The video corresponds to the presentation of momoland while the girls sang Boom Boom and they danced with great rhythm, catching the attention of many.

But the peculiar image did not go unnoticed and became a meme that fans now use to identify themselves with two types of emotion, for example, how the person who proposed the plan looks on a date and the one who does not even know where he is. oops!

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