Jackson Wang Kneels in Front of Fans After A Party 2022 #Celebrity

Jackson Wang: TEAM WANG Design just launched a new collection and had a party to celebrate it, Jackson Wang was present and had the most fun with the guests, but even after the event he gave a big thank you to the waiting fans.

As you know, Jackson Wang founded his own business for several years, but in addition to being focused on music, the company has a division specializing in the design and sale of exclusive clothing.

TEAM WANG Design It has just presented a new collection that bears the name of MUDANCE, which is distinguished by the color white and the details with pink flowers. The company had a party launch in Thailand where several celebrities and friends of Jackson gathered, so he could not miss.

Throughout the celebration, many shared their photos with the K-Pop idol and he even broadcast a bit of the event live, but when he left the party, Jackson Wang he got compliments for his personality humble.

Jackson Wang kneels in front of fans as thanks

The photos and videos of the party showed how much fun the event was and after several hours everything began to come to an end, so Jackson Wang left the place and discovered that many fans they were waiting to see him at least briefly.

He did not hesitate for a moment and knelt down to thank everyone for the support they give him, the staff was concerned to see him leaning on the ground but he showed his kindness and humility with those who encourage him in the different facets of his career. AWW!

Jackson Wang’s pleasant personality is loved by everyone

This is not the first time that the personality of the rapper of GOT7 He gets compliments and excites the people around him, because in reality he has had many gestures that have made him go viral on several occasions.

Those moments included the day he got out of his parked van to help an elderly woman collecting cardboard in the rain, when he brushed confetti off ex-footballer Erik Ten Hag’s head, his interactions with the security team during GOT7 tours and more.

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