Jackson Wang Premieres Born To Be Alive And Joins The Minions OST 2022 #Celebrity

Jackson Wang: New songs and an album by Jackson Wang is coming, but before that we can hear the GOT7 member singing one of the melodies on the soundtrack of an animated movie, his voice shines in Minions: The Rise of Gru.

in this new movie of the Minions, we see how the union between those little yellow creatures and Gru arises, so we travel back through history to learn about the origin of this villain when he was just a child. Although the story is a great reason to go see the animated film at the cinema, the OST just add points to that fun plan.

Previously, the film’s producer revealed a retro-style poster announcing who would be the stars that are part of the soundtrack and Jackson Wang appeared on the list. All the songs are new versions of the most memorable hits of the 70’s, very much in keeping with the moment reflected in the plot of the film.

Read on and find out what the song by Jackson Wang in the film Minions: The Rise of Gruthe full version of the single has already been released.

Jackson Wang sings Born To Be Alive in Minions: The Rise of Gru, how does it sound?

The original version of Born To Be Alive is played by Patrick Hernández and premiered in 1978, now the cover de Jackson renews the melody with a more modern style but preserving the essence of the track.

The YouTube channel of the singer who debuted as a K-Pop idol shared an audio clip where you can listen to his version of this long-awaited tune.

What makes Jackson Wang’s cover of Born To Be Alive special?

Musically, this song reinterprets the sounds of the original version and adds a dose of freshness and modernity, but that’s not all, because the lyrics have also changed.

Part of the melody is interpreted in English and another in Chinese, adding a plus to this cover that is receiving the affection of the fans of the singer. What do you think of this new version? Tell us in comments.

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