Jackson Wang Wows Anitta With His Multiple Talents 2022 #Celebrity

Jackson Wang has conquered fans from all over the world, his charisma and multiple talents make him unique, but the GOT7 member has also impressed music stars and Anitta is one of them.

As you know, after the release of the new album by GOT7 Jackson Wang was only in South Korea for a while and then took a flight to the United States, where he continues with the preparations for his new album.

The interpreter of Blow announced that his new record material will be named after MAGIC MAN and even performed a previously unreleased tune at Coachella that is expected to be part of the album. Now he is preparing all the details for the launch and even hinted that it will include martial arts.

Jackson Wang He published videos of a training and his skills in this field came out again, which stole the singer’s gaze Anitta.

Jackson Wang shines in martial arts and Anitta is delighted by it

The set of videos published by Jackson Wang shows us the K-Pop singer and other experts in Martial Arts showing his skills, but also a behind the scenes and training of different exercises was included.

Anitta appeared in the comments section and the Brazilian singer said:

Will Anitta and Jackson Wang have a collaboration?

In April 2022, Anitta and Jackson Wang began following each other on their Instagram accounts, sparking suspicions that they might be working on a music project together.

In addition, because the Hong Kong-born singer is preparing his new album, the theories did not stop being present, however so far it is only suspicion, as there is no other indication that they are really preparing a song.

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