Japanese Dramas With Similar Themes 2022 #Celebrity

Japanese Dramas: Throughout Asia, the drama market is very strong and popular, whether inspired by manga, webtoons or original direction, each country releases charming and engaging stories. For this reason, if Coffee & Vanilla has become one of your favorite dramas, you should not miss these three series with a similar theme.

One of the Japanese Dramas This year’s most popular was Coffee & Vanilla. If you enjoyed this series on Viki, you will surely want to know more similarly themed dramas about people who have no idea about romance but want to know about it. These recommendations they will fascinate you

If you have nothing to watch and want to add new stories to your list of dramas to watch, these recommendations are unmissable, since they have a very similar theme and style to the popular drama Coffee & Vanilla.

So prepare your favorite seat, bring some snacks because these Japanese dramas promise to catch you from the first chapter and will take you on a journey of all kinds of emotions with their funny stories.

Japanese dramas similar to Coffee & Vanilla to binge watch

Japan offers a large number of dramas of all kinds and one of the most popular dramas in recent months was Coffee & Vanilla. But you would be surprised to know that the land of the rising sun has very similar stories. These two dramas have romance stories that you will love:

In this story, a young woman who has just ended a relationship moves into the same house as her high school ex-boyfriend. However, living together she realizes that her ex-boyfriend has a secret that perhaps only she could solve, she has erectile dysfunction. Which will cause a series of funny scenes and awkward situations. This drama is available on Viki.

  • Bungaku Shojo or Book Girl.

This drama is also known as ‘Love Between the Lines’. It is about a girl who has never been in a relationship and who works in a book publishing house. However, he will end up getting involved with a famous writer who assures her that he cannot love her but somehow or another ends up falling in love with her. You can watch it on doramasflix.

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