Jay Park Releases 2nd Need To Know Teaser, Here’s What The MV Will Look Like 2022 #Celebrity

Jay Park: July’s music releases will take over your playlist, Jay Park will return with a new song and music video that you shouldn’t miss, and the previews revealed in the teasers will motivate you to follow the premiere.

Recently, the singer and businessman Jay Park founded a new company called More Vision and since then, he has surprised fans with different dance clips and new songs. Very soon we will hear a new track and you will not want to miss it.

The new track this boy is named after need to know the previews reveal that it will be a soft melody but with a really attractive vibe and will also feature an MV full of creativity.

Here’s what the new teaser revealed about the music video Jay Park created for the release of Need To Know.

Jay Park Will Have A Drive-In Date In Need To Know Music Video

The teaser It begins with Jay Park and a girl in the middle of a drive-in movie, which tells us that the invitation he made in the previous teaser was a complete success. Although she is staring at her on the screen, he turns to her, brushing her story aside and focusing her attention on what matters most to her at the moment.

As the camera zooms out, we also get to see what’s happening on screen, and Jay Park appears as one of the characters in a futuristic-style movie.

Jay Park: What you should know about Need To Know, when does it premiere?

Need To Know will be the new song by singer Jay Park and will premiere on July 12 at 6:00 p.m. in South Korea time. Ready to listen to this long-awaited track?

This will be the artist’s first song since the release of WILL WINthe collaboration with IU that already exceeds 19 million views.

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