Jay Park Releases Need To Know Along With Movie MV 2022 #Celebrity

Jay Park: Have you heard the latest from Jay Park yet? Need To Know is the song that this artist has just released and his music video includes everything from dance to a futuristic movie, here you will find the details.

Singer Jay Park has just returned with more music to pamper his fans after starting a new company called More Vision and release your single WILL WIN together with IU, now he presents a new melody that is unmissable.

The new song is named after need to know and it already has its own music video on YouTube, where we witness a date that joins the fiction of a movie.

So if you still don’t enjoy this expected MVbelow you will discover what makes it unique and unmissable.

Jay Park stars in the story of Need To Know, this is the best of the MV

The clip starts with Jay Park arriving in his car and inviting a girl to go to the drive-in together, she accepts but doesn’t seem too interested in him, although everything would change once the movie starts.

Suddenly the boy next to her is no longer the one who took her to the date, but the protagonist of the film they are watching, but with a spark of magic she also transforms into a character from the film.

Jay Park and NO:ZE brought a fascinating couple choreography to the screen, they conquered us with their duality in the MV and surely Need To Know already caught you with its great rhythm, right?

Jay Park Releases Another Summer Hit, Need To Know Earns Love From Fans

The comments section of the music video that accompanies the Need To Know tune has been filled with messages from fans in different languages, but as a whole they reflect the great reception the tune has had.

So you may like Need To Know for the rhythm, the dance, the music video or simply for including the voice of the talented Jay Park, but it is a track that will not go unnoticed.

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