Jay Park Talks About BTS’s Jungkook and Praises Him 2022 #Celebrity

Jay Park: A few weeks ago, Jay Park surprised with photos with BTS’s Jungkook in a recording studio. Although both singers did not give details about their meeting, many fans were curious about what the relationship of both celebrities is like. So Jay Park recently talked about how he sees Jungkook.

Jay Park spoke on a live broadcast about what thinks on Jungkook and how is the maknae of BTS behind the scenes. Surprising the fans of both celebrities with their words.

Jungkook has dozens of celebrity friends, the BTS maknae is always friendly with all kinds of people, winning the hearts of not only his fans, but also other stars who have met him personally.

For this reason, when Jay Park spoke about what he really thinks of Jungkook, ARMY could not help but show surprise at the words that the famous rapper dedicated to his favorite artist. What did Jay Park say?

Jay Park spoke candidly about what he thinks about Jungkook

A few days ago Jay Park had a live broadcast through Instagram to meet his fans and answer questions. After hanging out for a while, a curious fan asked how he felt about meeting Jungkook from BTS, so Jay Park didn’t miss the chance to talk to him. sincerity.

In response, the rapper mentioned that Jungkook is a very humble person and cool. And that, despite the 10 years difference between the two, there is a comfortable atmosphere and good vibes when they are together.

Without a doubt, Jay Park was impressed with the energy of the BTS maknae, who showed great mastery in talking and living with people many years apart.

Jay Park also praised BTS’s Jungkook’s vocal tone

Similarly, Jay Park praised Jungkook’s vocal talent. Mentioning that he really liked the tone of his voice. Jungkook has wowed fans with individual songs like Stay Alive, garnering various titles on platforms like Spotify.

As both artists shared photos in a recording studio, many fans suspected that they may be working on a collaboration. Although nothing is confirmed, ARMY is very excited about the idea. At the moment, Jungkook confirmed a collaboration with singer Charlie Puth.

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