Jennie in The Teaser of The Idol, New HBO Series 2022 #Celebrity

Jennie will make her acting debut very soon and she will do it along with other great stars, the singer and rapper of BLACKPINK appeared in some of the scenes of The Idol trailer and here we tell you the details.

There are many projects on the horizon BLACKPINK each of the idols It amazes us with its different facets and, although the group comeback is getting closer, we continue to discover some of the activities that K-Pop singers have participated in and that will be launched soon.

Previously there was talk about the possibility of seeing Jennie debut as an actress within a HBO series call the idolNow that has been confirmed and you can also see a preview of the dramatic production.

The singer had a brief appearance in the new teaser of the series and here you can see it, but we also tell you what the show is about HBO and when will it be released on the screen.

Jennie confirms her participation in The Idol and steals the looks in the trailer

At the most recent concert The Weekndthe screens surprised everyone and began to show scenes of what we will see in The Idol for the first time, the teaser was released in front of the audience that was gathered for the music show and many fans captured the teaser with their cell phones.

Trailer of The Idol, new American series. | Source: Twitter @HBO

The clip was later officially shared by HBO and shows us a little of what we will see in the episodes of The Idol, but it was striking that in one of the scenes it appears Jennie of BLACKPINK, after that, some Korean media confirmed the idol’s performance in this program and the excitement of BLINK increased.

When does The Idol premiere and what is the HBO series about?

The New serie HBO brings together stars like The Weeknd, Lily-Rose Deep, Troy Sivan and more. The Idol tells the story of a famous pop singer who falls in love with the owner of a club in Los Angeles, but they hide a big secret.

There is still no definite date for the premiere of The Idol, for now it is only known that it will arrive on HBO at the end of 2022, but since the first teaser has already been released, we could soon receive many news from the series.

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