Jennie Premieres New Video on Her YouTube Channel

Jennie shared some of the things that she usually does on a relaxed day, the BLACKPINK idol showed how much she loves to pamper herself and take care of herself. Has she already seen the new video of her?

Several members of BLACKPINK already have their own video channel, however, each one updates it with very diverse content, for example, we know that Lisa loves to share dance routines, but this time it was Jenny which premiered a new clip.

The interpreter of ONLY once again showed off his creativity and skills as youtuber, Well, he has just shared a very peculiar vlog that made his fans happy. What was this singer of K-Pop showed in the video?

Jenny appears enjoying a day at home, sitting in front of the camera and accompanied by her pet Kuma, she shared how her care routine is to stay relaxed and pamper herself with different products.

BLACKPINK: What is a typical day in Jennie’s life like?

the singer of BLACKPINK He confessed that when it is a work day or a season where his schedule is very busy, he generally cannot do more than his basic skincare routine and rest a little, but he also has relaxed days where, not having too many occupations, he can pamper himself with peace of mind and patience.

On days like these, there are objects that always accompany her, starting with items to stretch, get massages and take care of herself. So she showed off her lip balm, scented items that make her feel good, comfy pajamas, and more.

Jennie confesses that there is a habit that she wants to break, but has not succeeded

The idol She also shared that when she finally goes to bed she tends to spend a lot of time checking her phone, but she’s really trying to stop and use that time for something else like reading or learning something she’s curious about.

However, he admitted that he tends to return to the same hobby because watching YouTube before bed is always fun. oops!

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