Jennie Returns To Korea After Her Secret Trip To Paris 2022 #Celebrity

Jennie: Nowadays, it’s hard to believe that a person as famous as BLACKPINK’s Jennie could travel to another part of the world without being noticed by their fans. However, the singer had a secret trip to Paris that only her fans knew about until they saw her return to South Korea.

Jenny from BLACKPINK traveled to Paris without her fans or the media noticing and they only noticed until the singer returned to Korea and was seen at the airport. What was this mysterious journey? It is the question that fans cannot answer so far.

BLACKPINK is currently working on their comeback, which is confirmed for August of this year. Although YG Entertainment reported that they are preparing the final details and will soon record her new MV, Jennie’s mysterious trip to Paris made fans more curious about it.

So far the exact date of BLACKPINK’s comeback is unknown, however, the company assured that it will be during the month of August. Meanwhile, the members have focused on fulfilling their individual diary. Especially Jennie, who has modeled for several magazines.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie wore a relaxed look at the airport after returning from Paris

A few hours ago BLACKPINK’s Jennie was seen at the Incheon International Airport returning to South Korea after a surprise trip to paris, France. News that caused BLINK to be completely confused.

In the airport, Jenny He wore a sports outfit with dark glasses and a face mask. She nonchalantly walked towards reporters and some fans who had no idea that the artist had traveled. The singer took a few minutes to pose in front of reporters and briefly greet those present before leaving. You can see the video of her arrival here:

Why did BLACKPINK’s Jennie travel to Paris?

So far, the reasons why Jennie had a mysterious trip to Paris have not been revealed. Similarly, fans do not know if she has to do with the MV recordings for BLACKPINK’s comeback and it was just a casual trip by the artist outside of her schedule. Do you think it has to do with the return of the group?

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