Jennie Will Appear in The Idol, What is The Series About? 2022 #Celebrity

Jennie: Can you imagine Jennie exploring her role as an actress? That could be a reality, there is a possibility that the idol of BLACKPINK appears in the new HBO series called The Idol.

We recently saw Jisoo take his first leading role in a Korean drama and Snowdrop surprised all the fans of BLACKPINK and other viewers of the series,Jenny could be the next member to venture into acting?

Everything seems to indicate that the possibilities are really high, Jennie could join the cast of the idol a new HBO series where the cast includes celebrities known around the world.

But what role would idol of K-Pop, what is the Serie And when will the TV show premiere? Here we tell you everything you need to know.

Jennie would join HBO as one of the stars of The Idol, who is in the cast?

Recently, some reports indicated that Jennie is in talks to appear in episodes of The Idol, where she would have a cameo or a role. character brief for the series.

The singer The Weeknd acts within this story and is also one of the creators of the production, in addition to him Lily Rose Depp Y Troy Sivan They are part of the cast.

What is The Idol about? The series where Jennie from BLACKPINK could act

The new HBO series deals with an interesting fictional story, The Idol takes us to meet a pop singer who falls in love and begins an affair with the owner of a club in Los Angeles, but he hides a big secret.

Since The Idol is still in the filming stage, the release date is yet to be revealed, but it is expected to hit the screens in late 2022.

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