Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Finally Got Married In Las Vegas!

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck: It’s official, Jennifer Lopez is married. Indeed, the famous singer has just said ‘yes’ to Ben Affleck. While Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck spin the perfect love, the two lovebirds have decided to get married.


Since her arrival on the front of the stage, Jennifer Lopez has been wildly successful. Indeed, the latter stands out as an essential star of music. She then goes on to success and continues to get noticed. Yes, just that!

It must be said that Jennifer Lopez does not do things by halves. Indeed, beauty never goes unnoticed. Music, cinema or even fashion, she seems to be an artist with many facets. In short, her many talents make her a great source of inspiration.

Moreover, if the latter inspires her fans, her creativity does not stop there. And for good reason, some fashion brands have decided to take inspiration from her looks to set up their new collections. This is the case for example of Zara who did not hesitate to copy Jennifer Lopez’s leggings.

It must be said that the interpreter of “On the Floor” has a habit of offering super original pieces. Very attentive to the smallest detail, she never forgets to bet on pieces that will make the difference. Thus, the H&M brand has also decided to take inspiration from it.

If Jennifer Aniston’s career is cause for envy, her love life seems to follow the same path. More in love than ever with Ben Affleck, the beauty has just said ‘yes’ to him.


Today, Jennifer Lopez spins the perfect love. While she has experienced many disappointments in love, the star has always managed to get her head above water. As a reminder, in March 2021, the latter separated from Alex Rodriguez.

Indeed, after 4 years of love and multiple attempts to save their couple, the latter had decided to end their story. But do not panic, today, Jennifer Lopez is much better. Happier than ever in the arms of Ben Affleck, she seems to have found a perfect balance.

Faced with such happiness, the two lovebirds have decided to take a step. Indeed, this July 17, their marriage was announced. In her newsletter “On The JLo”, the singer then confided: “We did it. Love is beautiful. Love is kind. And it turns out that love is patient. Twenty years of patience. »

In reality, Jennifer Lopez and her darling have decided to bet on an intimate ceremony. Dressed in a dress inspired by a famous film, the 52-year-old star bet on a very thoughtful look.

Regarding the civil summer, the famous Jennifer Lopez chose to take the surname of her husband. Thus, her name is now Jennifer Affleck. Something to surprise his many fans, therefore.

On her Insta account, the latter decided to share her happiness. She therefore published a photo of her waking up with her wedding ring on her finger. Happier than ever, she is super radiant.

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