Jeon Yeo Been’s Stylish Outfits You’ll Love To Wear 2022 #Celebrity

If you are looking for ideas to look formal but at the same time wear very fashionable outfits, the lawyer from the drama Vincenzo will be your inspiration, we tell you how to recreate some of the looks that Jeon Yeo Been used in the series.

In the korean dramas we find female characters of all kinds, some with a youthful and sweet vibe, others with a rebellious look, some very fashionable girls and of course, we cannot leave aside the roles elegant and with a great sense of fashion.

In Vincenzo several of the main characters were lawyers and that is how we met Cha Youngthe role he played Jeon Ye Been on screen, showing us his cunning and determination.

Due to her profession in history, this korean actress She almost always wore formal and elegant outfits, but always with a touch of creativity and a lot of style, which added confidence to her character.

So if you’re looking for ideas to seize them outfits formal but you don’t know how to make them look fashionable, these ideas remembering the character of the drama Vincenzo will help you.

Vincenzo’s Cha Young Has The Best Looks If You Want To Look Stylish

Let’s start with one of the most iconic and remembered looks of this character, when Cha Young joined forces with Vincenzo, she arrived at court wearing a rosewood suit that made her stand out from the crowd. She combined this outfit with a beige silk-look blouse and of course, some black glasses that made her look spectacular.

Do you remember the last time she and Vincenzo met in the drama? Cha Young wears a black dress that reaches her ankle, she has a detail on the top that simulates a bow, she added strappy sneakers and we can not leave out the opening of the dress on one of her sides .

An outfit of the Vincenzo actress that includes basic garments that should not be missing in your closet. A black dress pants with a blazer of the same color, both with a slightly tailored cut, instead of a collared blouse, she opted to wear one with a simple style that could even look like a plain T-shirt from a distance.

Cha Young showed us a way to combine black and white while maintaining elegance, this character wore dress pants with sneakers, added a black blazer and added a light brown handbag to add a colorful touch.

When Vincenzo and Cha Young attend a gallery, she wears a button-down dress that inspires its design in the elegance of jackets with crossed brooches, it is a tight-fitting black garment that stands out for gold details and the lawyer combined it with Black stockings with a lace look.

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