Jeonghan Dazzled in BE THE SUN Despite His Operation 2022 #Celebrity

Jeonghan: A few days ago SEVENTEEN’s world tour called BE THE SUN started. Many fans were worried about the participation of Jeonghan, who recently had to undergo surgery for an injury to his elbow. Although Pledis Entertainment reported that the idol would focus on his recovery and participate in a limited way, Jeonghan surprised CARAT by jumping and dancing in a lively manner throughout the concert.

jeonghan of SEVENTEEN recently underwent a surgery due to an injury to his elbow. Despite being in recovery, the idol shone on stage and brought a lot of joy to CARAT throughout. BE THE SUN. Demonstrating that an operation will not achieve not everything on stage.

CARAT couldn’t help but show their concern after learning about SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan’s operation. They even believed that the idol would not perform at the opening concerts of the group’s world tour. However, the idol surprised his fans by completely shining on stage.

One video in particular was the one that stole all the attention of the fans, in which Jeonghan was seen completely ignoring his operation and dancing animatedly using both arms to complete the choreography.

Jeonghan ignored his operation and danced using his injured arm in BE THE SUN

During the concert in South Korea of ​​the world tour BE THE SUN SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan proved that even surgery isn’t going to stop him from having as much fun as he can on stage.

Throughout the concert, Jeonghan appeared with different slings of colors combining completely with their costumes in each presentation. For the end, get carried away by the rhythm of the music and take your arm out of the sling to start dancing.

The video in which he appears dancing without wearing the sling caught the attention of the fans, since in it you can see between laughter and concern of the members of SEVENTEEN when they see jeonghan enjoy the music and dance in a lively way. Causing Carat to be excited to see her idol so happy. You can see the video of the moment here:

Carat showed her joy seeing Jeonghan so lively at SEVENTEEN’s concert

At the beginning, fans had divided opinions of Jeonghan’s video, while some showed their concern that the idol did not take the proper break for his treatment, others could not help but take humor in his action, hoping that the idol would not get hurt by letting himself go. lead by music

On the other hand, they were also quite happy not to see him absent on stage, as they were worried that he would not perform with SEVENTEEN at concerts. We wish Jeonghan a speedy recovery.

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