Jeongyeon Hints At Album And Comeback Mission 2022 #Celebrity

Jeongyeon: Both ONCE and TWICE are very excited for the release of the album, as well as all the promotional activities that are coming up. Jeongyeon sent some messages to fans talking about what we can expect from the comeback.

After an exciting concert tour, the girls of TWICE are ready to present a new Korean mini album that promises to be very special. The girls group of JYPEntertainment He has already released details such as the tracklist and the release date of this record material, so fans are waiting.

The K-Pop idols put all their effort into preparing the melodies that they will sing for ELEVENthat’s why just a few weeks after the launch of Between 1&2there is nothing else on the minds of fans.

Jeong-yeon reconnected with ONCE and told him a bit about why she’s excited for this new era of girl group music.

Jeongyeon talks about Talk That Talk, what will the single from Between 1&2 be like?

The vocalist He was sending messages for his fans and knowing that everyone is waiting for the album, he decided to raise the excitement by telling them how great the title track that they will be promoting will be.

Jeongyeon confessed that, honestly speaking, she considered that talk that talk it’s too good a song, so that led them to work very hard but also with big ambitions in mind.

TWICE has set their expectations for the comeback, what are they?

Jeongyeon also shared that all of the TWICE members are excited for the come back, as well as for reuniting with ONCE whom they have not seen for a long time. That’s why in the preparations for the return all the time they keep in mind how they can make the fans enjoy the release much more. AWW!

Between 1&2 is released on August 26, it will be the group’s eleventh mini album and will include a total of 7 melodies, among which Talk That Talk will be the main single.

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