Jessi Pregnant With Jay Park? The Truth of The Rumors 2022 #Celebrity

Jessi: In recent days, one of the rumors surrounding the rapper Jessi is that of a possible pregnancy. It was so popular on social networks that even Jessi found out about it and took advantage of her last live broadcast to talk to her fans about it. Without forgetting to talk about her with humor about the situation and what is being said about her.

The singer and rapper jessie He had a live broadcast recently, in which he took advantage of the moment to spend time with his fans and answer various questions. Among them, she spoke about the pregnancy rumors in which she was involved.

Many of the K-Pop fans are completely in love with Jessi’s personality. Since she is quite an outgoing and pleasant person, she who always seeks to make people laugh with her jokes and simplicity.

For that reason, when they saw the way she responded to rumors about a possible pregnancy, they could not have been more delighted with her honesty and frankness in her comments. What did she say she?

Jessi assured her fans that although she is not pregnant, she wishes she were.

During her last live broadcast, rapper Jessi took the opportunity to talk about the most recent rumor in which she has been involved. And this was that some people have mentioned that she is pregnant.

The rapper took the rumor in stride and was not afraid to clarify what was said about her with her unique humor and charisma. With a lively comment, she told her fans what she thinks of the rumor.

People say I’m pregnant with someone’s baby. I wish I knew if I am. You know, I told you guys. I want a baby.

Previously, the singer has expressed her desire to start a family and get married, although so far she has not mentioned if she is dating someone. However, her comment hinted that she doesn’t know if she is pregnant, so the rumors are completely false.

Rumors said Jessi was expecting Jay Park’s child

On the other hand, the rumors that had become popular were that Jessi was in a relationship with Jay Park and that she was expecting the rapper’s child. However, with her last live broadcast, the rapper assured that the rumors were false and she is not currently pregnant.

Many fans assure that Jessi would be a great mother and hope that the singer can form her family in a sweet and healthy relationship in which both become happy. Without a doubt, the unique rapper has won the hearts of thousands who only want the best for her.

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