Jessi Songs Perfect to Lift Your Spirits And Dance 2022 #Celebrity

Jessi is back this year with ZOOM, a song that quickly became a trend for its catchy beat and fun dance. In her more than 15-year career, the rapper has released several hits that make you want to shake your body and enjoy the rhythm of her music. This compilation of songs by Jessi are perfect to enjoy at a party.

Jessie Has many iconic songs Since her debut in 2005, the soloist has not only performed different rap songs, but has also done various OSTs for dramas. These are some of her singles that you will love and will make you dance.

Jessi is a renowned rapper in the Korean industry, with a relaxed and honest personality, she has won the hearts of thousands by the way her humility and fun personality. In addition to that, her songs have completely fascinated both her fans and people who like K-Pop.

If you want to know more songs of Jessi, these are some perfect recommendations to add to your playlist. In addition to being songs that will make you dance as soon as you listen to them.

Jessi’s best songs to enjoy and dance

From the album NONE, this song premiered in 2020 and quickly completely fell in love with all the people who heard it, with a rude electropop rhythm, the rapper completely fascinated with her choreography. Without a doubt, it is a song that you should have on your playlist.

From 2021, this single fascinated with its pop rock style and rude style so characteristic of the rapper. The choir part went viral on networks, as did its choreography. Without a doubt, this song has the necessary energy to lift your spirits completely.

Although the beginning of the song could sound very relaxed, it doesn’t take long for him to surprise with an incredible rap. gucci It belongs to her 2017 un2verse album and is perfect for feeling like the owner of the place. You can watch her music video here:

With a video from the beach, is one of his singles from 2019. This song has a relaxed vibe that makes you want to go on a trip and enjoy this song while dancing barefoot on the beach. Without a doubt, a perfect song to feel the music.

Of course, the song with which Jessi debuted in 2005. Get Up is from their first mini album Get Up and has an early 2000’s pop vibe that you’ll totally love if you like music from that era.

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