Ji Chang Wook Stars in If You Wish Upon Me, When Does it Premiere? 2022 #Celebrity

If You Wish Upon Me is shaping up to be one of the next fan-favorite K-Dramas, with an emotional story and Ji Chang Wook bringing the main character to life, no one will want to miss this series. Find out what it’s about and when it opens.

We recently saw Ji Chang Wook acting in The Sound of the Magic beside Hwang In-yeopbut the actor has continued with the preparations of another korean drama that will be released through KBS2, can you imagine what kind of character it will have?

The new drama of the protagonist of K2 will bear the name of If You Wish Upon Me In addition to him, we will see Choi Soo Young Sung Dong Il and Won Ji An within the cast, but if you are still not convinced to watch this K-Drama, wait until you know exactly what it is about.

What is If You Wish Upon Me about? Ji Chang Wook’s new drama

Ji Chang Wook gives life to Yoon Gye Re, a man who has no will to live but who little by little will begin to flee from death and cling to his existence. After facing a difficult life, he joins a hospice hospital, where he will seek to care for others who are passing their last days and help them fulfill his last wishes.

That change in his life will also lead them to show a facet that even he didn’t know he had, but it will motivate him to make an effort and live in a better way.

If You Wish Upon Me: When does Ji Chang Wook’s new drama premiere?

This new production has revealed posters and previews that excite us to learn more about the story, If You Wish Upon Me will be released on August 10, it will have 16 episodes and two of them will be released each week.

Ji Chang Wook’s drama will take over from Jinxed At First, the drama that KBS is currently airing in the 9:50 timeslot on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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