Jihyo Debuted on Television When She Was Just A Baby. 2022 #Celebrity

Jihyo‘s videos were finally revealed when she had her first appearance on South Korean television, she was just a baby but already looked like a star. Why was the TWICE member on a popular show?

Every TWICE fan knows that this girl started preparing to be a idol Since I was very little, I was the youngest trainee in JYPEntertainment but since before she joined the company, she showed that she had everything to be on television.

Previously, Jihyo told her fans that when she was a babyhad a participation in a television program on the SBS network and even motivated fans of the K-Pop group to search for those clips on the Internet.

However, when it comes to old videos That was not an easy task, but thanks to the TV channel, now every fan of the idol can see her debut on the small screen.

Jihyo appeared on Curious Paradise as a baby

An SBS YouTube channel dedicated to sharing videos of their old shows made it possible for fans of TWICE can see Jihyo when she was just a baby. The idol appeared on a show called Curios Paradise along with other little ones who showed their curiosity about the world.

In the clip, the boys and girls enter a small room with mirrors that reflect their image and we can see the different reactions they manifest, but Jihyo was undoubtedly one of the most smiling and full of energy.

TWICE’s Jihyo was the happiest when her old videos reappeared

After learning that this video was now available on the internet, Jihyo brought it up again in a chat with her fans, letting them know that they would now be able to watch it and check out what she once told them.

Apparently this is a show that was filmed in 1998, so Jihyo was just over a year old and approaching her second anniversary. AWW!

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