Jihyo Learns to Play Golf, Shares Photos And Videos

Jihyo: What are the girls of TWICE doing after concluding their tour? Jihyo gave us a glimpse of her latest interests and entertainment, the idol entered the sports world and shows it off on social media.

Since the members of TWICE launched their personal Instagram accounts, we have been able to see more of these idols through photos and videos, so ELEVEN He does not have a moment of boredom following the news and updates of the idols.

Although each of the girls in this K-Pop group has their own style to manage their profile, we are excited to hear how much fun they have when they have some free time and jihyo surprised everyone by revealing that, in fact, he has found a new hobby.

The member and leader of TWICE shared new shots of what she has been doing these days, the girl has been keeping busy as she enters a sport.

TWICE’s Jihyo Learns To Play Golf And Shows Off Her Skills

The South Korean idol shared a set of photos where we see her walk through a field of Golf With a white outfit that looks great on her, this girl accompanied her look with a cap to protect her face from the sun and create a little contrast with the white clothes she wore with great style.

Jihyo further added in the description that this is what a golf beginner’s day was like, but she soon proved that even if it’s a new hobby, she’s already pretty good at the sport.

ONCE congratulates Jihyo for the talent he showed in his day practicing golf

After the photo collection, Jihyo shared a video where we see her hitting the ball firmly and throwing it away from her, although we do not see where this shot goes, the idol’s technique makes her look very professional, so fans do not they hesitated to give him a large number of compliments.

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