Jihyo Promotes The New Thor Movie as A Heroine 2022 #Celebrity

Jihyo captivated ONCE by taking over Thor’s look, actress Natalie Portman was also surprised to see the TWICE idol dressed as a superhero before the premiere of the new movie.

If you are a fan of superheroes and movies Marvelsurely you know that there is a new production ready to join this universe. Chris Hemsworth returns to the big screen with Thor: Love and Thunderwhere the character of Jane Foster also reappears.

Before the film was released in theaters, Jihyo grabbed the perfect look to promote this movie and caused a photo shoot rage, earning compliments from TWICE fans around the world.

The impact of the photographs increased after Natalie Portman saw the K-Pop idol and leader of TWICE show off the style of his character, then we will tell you how it happened.

TWICE: Jihyo models Thor’s look and Natalie Portman witnesses it

Actress Natalie Portman plays Jane Foster, who previously appeared in the story as Thor’s girlfriend. Now her character returns mastering the powers of the superhero played by Chris Hemsworth, so she brings to life the female version of this Marvel character.

Jihyo also turned into a female version of Thor during a photo shoot with 1st Look…

…but the photos of the idol found their way to Nalatie Portman and the actress posed with a smile while holding the magazine with Jihyo on the cover.

Marvel Korea reunites TWICE’s Jihyo with Thor: Love and Thunder actress

The photograph that already stole ONCE’s attention was published on Marvel Korea’s social networks. The cast of Thor: Love and Thunder is promoting the entertaining film, and now that the premiere is just around the corner, the perfect opportunity to share the shot has arrived.

Before that happened, Marvel Korea’s Instagram account had already posted several of Jihyo’s photo shoot shots, fully giving her thumbs up to the idol’s Thor-vibe look.

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