Jimin and RM recreate scene from Extraordinary Attorney Woo 2022 #Celebrity

Several members of BTS love to watch Korean dramas and never miss the most popular ones that are broadcast. RM and Jimin especially, who recently showed their fans that they can perfectly recreate one of the most iconic scenes from Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

Jimin and RM of BTS showed that they are true fans of Extraordinary Attorney Woo after recreating one of the scenes while they were at the Jack In The Box launch party, cheering their fans for the cute interaction.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is one of the most popular dramas of the moment and everyone wants to have a special greeting like Woo Young Woo and Dong Geu Rami. For that reason, MR Y Jimin they did not miss the opportunity to mimic the salute as soon as they could.

The Jack In The Box launch party was full of unforgettable moments between the members of bts and other celebrities in the Korean industry. The vlog by J-Hope showed how much fun the members had with his antics.

BTS’s RM and Jimin recreated the Woo to the Young to the Woo scene

In the vlog of the party of jack in the box It was possible to see how the members of BTS were preparing for the party that J-Hope would give for the release of his album. Among the scenes that attracted the most attention is the moment in which Jimin and RM showed how much they like each other. Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

The j hope party was carried by celebrities and Jin he couldn’t help but feel a bit worried as he is one of the more shy members of the group. When he asked his classmates how to introduce themselves to other artists, RM gave advice based on his experience in Korean dramas.

RM suggested to Jin that he just need to show up with a celebrity and greet them with a ‘Bang to the Tan to the Jin’, as a clear reference to the scene in Extraordinary Attorney Woo where Woo Young Woo and Dong Geu Rami show their greeting friendship special.

In response to RM’s action, Jimin quickly replied with a Dong To The Geu To The Rami, the second part of the characters’ friend greeting. Extraordinary Attorney Woo, showing that both are fans of the series and do not miss it. You can watch the video here:

Where can I watch Extraordinary Attorney Woo with Spanish subtitles?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is available on the streaming platform Netflix and you can watch the first six episodes with Spanish subtitles. In addition to that, several of the episodes have been dubbed into Latin Spanish, in case you enjoy watching the series in your language, it is a perfect option to enjoy the drama that RM and Jimin from BTS have loved so much. Will you watch the series?

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