Jimin Dedicated A Letter to ARMY After Meeting With Joe Biden

Jimin: Bangtan Sonyeondan made history after being the first K-Pop group invited to the White House in order to chat with Joe Biden about the importance of Asian representation. After this event, Jimin decided to dedicate a few words to ARMY through a letter on Weverse.

Jimin of BTSS Wrote one letter for ARMY through the Weverse application, where he opened up about how he feels about his visit to the United States to talk with President Joe Biden.

Jimin is one of the BTS members with the least presence on social media, unlike his other peers, the idol is usually more reserved with his posts. So, when he shares some story or message, he always makes his fans very excited.

However, his most recent letter moved to all ARMY and wished they could help the young man, who with his words expressed his true feelings about his recent visit to the United States.

Jimin promised ARMY to show himself as a more mature person in the future

Through the Weverse platform, Jimin wrote a sweet letter for his fans. Where he talked about his recent visit to the United States with BTS to talk with the president of the United States Joe Biden. In this letter, the idol thanked his fans for all the support and opened up to his fans.

In his letter, Jimin mentioned that when visiting the White House he wondered if he was really there it was enough to represent his followers. On the other hand, she apologized for worrying them about her immaturity and promised that she would work on becoming a more mature person and not cause any other concern to ARMY.

For Jimin, it is thanks to international ARMY that they are where they are now

In his letter, Jimin from BTS mentioned that it is thanks to the fact that ARMY is made up of people of different races, nationalities and cultures that it was possible for the group to attend an event as important as being invited to the White House. He also added that it was thanks to them that they were able to represent them at the meeting.

On the other hand, the interpreter of ‘Serendipity’ also promised ARMY in his letter that he would try to update his social networks more frequently, since he does not usually spend much time with fans out there but that he would seek to do so.

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