Jimin Dedicated A Message to ARMY After Performing At Inkigayo

Jimin: One of the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan who doesn’t usually update constantly is Jimin. However, every time the idol communicates with his fans it is always cause for celebration, so his fans couldn’t help but show his happiness upon seeing his latest messages on Weverse.

Jimin of BTS recently wrote to ARMY via weverse. In its messagethe idol couldn’t help but show his concern about the delay in the recordings and excitedly spoke to his fans who had managed to attend Inkigayo.

ARMY got quite excited to see the most recent updates that Jimin shared through Weverse. This, during the recordings of her presentation at Inkigayo. The reason for his joy was because it had been a while since Jimin communicated with his fans, since he doesn’t usually do it constantly.

Jimin is currently with BTS promoting Yet to Come, the main song of their new compilation album Proof, which has achieved great popularity on various world charts, positioning itself with its 35 songs in the TOP 50 on various platforms.

Jimin thanked for the new memories created with ARMY

Through his most recent Weverse message, Jimin wrote to fans who were able to attend the Inkigayo recordings. With some sweet words and a picture of himself that he thought looked kind of funny.

In his message, Jimin thanked the fans who attended, mentioning that, despite the wait, he felt very happy to be able to perform on the stage of the music show with BTS and ARMY. Similarly, he added that he was grateful for the beautiful memories that they were once again creating with ARMY. And he asked them to come home safe and sound.

Jimin apologized for the delay in Inkigayo recordings

Since there was a delay in the recordings, the fans who attended to see BTS had to wait longer than usual. So Jimin was sending messages to his fans apologizing for such a long wait and thanking them for waiting patiently. In the same way, he mentioned that they surely felt hungry from waiting, since he also felt hungry. Without a doubt, Jimin feels a lot of love for his fans.

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