Jimin Has A New Tattoo on His Finger And Back, What Do They Mean? 2022 #celebrity

Jimin: Although the new presentations of BTS in musical shows are exciting the most to the fans, now the joy increased. Jimin has new tattoos and here we tell you what they are like.

BTS’s long-awaited comeback is now a reality, and idols continue to break records with this music release, proving their enormous popularity in Korea and around the world. But his new album has given pleasant experiences to ARMY and one of them is to see them again in musical shows on Korean television.

The K-Pop group recently visited Inkigayo’s studio to pre-record their performance for the single. Yet To Comewhere ARMY could see them live and direct, what surprises did they get?

Turns out Jimin of BTS is premiering a couple of tattoos and fans were impressed to see them, here’s why.

BTS Jimin has two new tattoos, what does each one look like?

Fans who saw the group perform at Inkigayo pointed out that Jimin was wearing a shirt that managed to show through, so they were able to see several of his tattoos, starting with a very new one.

It is a series of moons that the idol carries on his back, apparently there are 4 of them and they portray the Moon phases. WOW!

The second tattoo is very special, surely you remember that for a long time there has been talk of a group tattoo within BTS and now Jimin joins the members who wear a number 7 on their skin, where does it have it and what does it mean?

Jimin got a 7 tattooed on his index finger, what does it really mean?

Jimin’s tattoo of a number 7 is on the index finger of his left hand, but the fact that he chose to place it there makes it more special.

This is the finger where rings are most often used and it is because placing something on that site represents loyalty, closeness and even friendship.

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