Jimin sends gift to his school Busan Arts High School 2022 #Celebrity

Jimin: The members of BTS always seek to show their support for the people who helped them on their path to becoming artists, for this reason, they never forget the schools where they studied during their youth. Jimin is one of the members who constantly shows his support for Busan Arts High School and this time he did it with a flower arrangement.

Jimin of BTS Sended a special gift to his old school Busan Arts High School. The idol did not miss the opportunity to show his support for the 33rd dance performance of the school he once studied in the past.

ARMY is delighted by the way in which Jimin He always remembers and shows his support for the people who taught him everything he knows today, for that reason, they were quite happy to find out that the idol had sent a flower arrangement to the school. For what reason did you send this gift?

Jimin sent flowers to support the Busan Arts High School dance show

One of the members of bts who never forgets his old school is Jimin. Fans discovered that the idol sent a flower arrangement to support the school and they were completely delighted with the detail that arrived.

Busan Arts High School is about to celebrate 33rd dance show and Jimin didn’t want to be left out of the event, so he sent a flower arrangement to the school to support the competition. Next to the flowers, a pink ribbon could be seen on which BTS Jimin’s name appears in Korean next to the name of the 33rd dance show event.

Without a doubt, a special detail for all the students who will participate in the stage show in which Jimin from BTS once performed before becoming the ‘Global IT Boy’ and being a world-class star.

Busan Arts High School Receives Flowers From BTS Jimin Every Year

It is not the first time that Jimin remembers his alma mater, as the idol sends flowers every year to celebrate this event and encourage all the students who will perform on stage. Without a doubt, a great support that they will never forget, both the attendees and the school itself.

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