Jimin’s Solo Performances That Take Your Breath Away 2022 #Celebrity

Jimin: Since his debut, Jimin has drawn a lot of attention for his dancing skills. Graduated from the School of Performing Arts in Busan with a major in Contemporary Dance, the idol has shown grace and elegance in each of his performances, inspiring many new idols with his dances.

Jimin of BTS is a prominent dancer within the Korean industry. His talent in contemporary dance It caught a lot of attention from specialists and aspiring idols. And its presentations They always move everyone.

For Jimin from BTS, it is very easy to dance with grace, the idol has a natural talent, which led him to decide to become an idol, in search of combining his passion with the modern and versatile that K-Pop is.

For this reason, every time Jimin shows up showing some contemporary dance on stage, everyone is completely delighted with his performances. Which are the best?

Videos of Jimin in solo dancing where he shows how talented he is

  • Jimin dancing I NEED U at MMA 2019

For MMA, BTS’s Jimin took everyone’s breath away during his I NEED U performance, showing off in a sleek white suit, daintily dancing to the beat of the music.

  • Jimin solo for Black Swan

Similarly, for Black Swan, Jimin also had a very special solo with an orchestra in the background. Completely falling in love with thousands with the elegance that she shows in each of her movements and the passion and respect with which she dances.

  • Jimin’s Filter Presentation

On the other hand, even when the idol sings, he does not stop incorporating contemporary dance steps in each of his performances, giving ARMY unforgettable moments.

On the other hand, even his fancams draw a lot of attention. She, well, she could find herself dancing with her companions, but her steps always attract attention due to the perfection that she impregnates in each one of them. What is your favorite presentation?

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