Jin and V went to the premiere of Emergency Declaration 2022 #Celebrity

Jin from BTS greeted the fans and left everyone in awe upon his arrival at the Emergency Declaration premiere, suspicions that Taehyung would also be there also appeared, but did he really attend the premiere?

The idols that make up BTS have been kept busy, while each one works on their projects as soloists, they also carry out other activities and it was recently reported that members of the group would be as guests at the premiere VIP’s Emergency Declaration.

The premiere event movie took place at Megabox COEX Escher and the story of Emergency Declaration focuses on an air travel where the plane requires an emergency landing.

Jin was a guest at the event and apparently taehyung would also be present, we tell you how the premiere was experienced and everything about the appearance of the K-Pop idols that are part of BTS.

BTS’s Jin enjoyed the Emergency Declaration and thanked ARMY for their support

The interpreter of abyss He attended the event wearing dress pants, a shirt and a cream-colored sweater, a crowd was waiting for him upon arrival and he did not hesitate to consent to them, so he approached them and several lucky ones were able to shake his hand.

At the end of the event, seokjin He turned to Weverse to tell his experience, it was then that he said that he enjoyed the movie a lot even though he was not in the film, but he also thanked the BTS fans who attended to encourage him, as he admitted that it helped him get less highly strung.

Thanks to you I think I was able to relax a bit. ARMY I love you

Was BTS’s V at the premiere of Emergency Declaration?

Before the long-awaited event, Korean media declared that Taehyung was also one of the guests who would attend the premiere of the film, so many expected to see him on the carpet and perhaps in a photo with his partner from BTS.

Nevertheless, V He did not appear in front of the media after his arrival, so it is believed that the idol could not actually attend the gala, leaving many fans who also wanted to see him excited.

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