Jin Asks BTS to Silence And Becomes A Meme, Real Origin

BTS: The members of BTS have been very active since the release of their new album Proof. While promoting and attending different programs, the idols did a V Live to greet their fans, a broadcast in which Jin’s new meme was born, after the Worldwide Handsome ordered his teammates to shut up.

Jin turned into a new meme After the recent broadcast of BTS on V Live. Where the idol performed a funny action trying to silence his companions who made ARMY laugh, determined to turn him into a meme.

Whenever the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan get together, they always end up doing really funny things. Due to the great confidence they have, they are not afraid to joke with each other and show ARMY how much they love each other and have fun together.

For this reason, the way and confidence with which Jin sought to silence the rest of the members during the broadcast amused them a lot, since the idol created a new meme without intending to.

Jin shutting up the rest of BTS became ARMY’s new favorite meme

During BTS’s most recent live broadcast, all the members gathered to talk about the release of Proof, mingle with ARMY, and discuss their upcoming schedule. While they had fun chatting, at one point Jin starred in the new BTS meme.

In the scene, Jin looks a bit annoyed at play and after yelling ‘YAH!’ patting the air with his hands to loosen the mood, then brought his hand up to his fingers with a characteristic ‘shhh’ when people wish them to be quiet. Without a doubt, he had trouble calming down the rest of the members. You can watch the video here:

Fans have already started using this funny Jin meme

His action amused ARMY so much that they knew it would lead to a new meme. Which is perfect to use in any type of situation. Whether you need someone to keep the secret and not say anything or to silence someone who has already fed you up in a post. Without a doubt, it will be a lot of fun to use. Have you thought about who to use it with?

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