Jin Could Debut As An Actor With Kim Nam Gil 2022 #Celebrity

Jin has long expressed his intention to also debut as an actor and BTS fans can’t wait to see this facet of the idol, the statement of another drama star raised expectations that it will happen soon.

The boys of BTS have proven to be multitalented, but also, they are currently at a point in their careers where they can experiment and do new things like soloistsfrom releasing albums or even venturing into a different facet of his career.

When the K-Pop band from HYBE announcement that group activities would be put on hiatus while idols focus on individual projects, the possibility of seeing them act was also mentioned and now Jin has aroused the curiosity of ARMY.

Will we finally see this member of bts debut as actor of dramas? Here we tell you everything that is known and how the suspicions began.

Jin worked with actor Kim Nam Gil and fans want to know more about the project

BTS members are famous even among celebrities, but recently a korean actor He especially mentioned Jin and surprised ARMY with one of his interviews.

Kim Nam Gil He is famous for acting in stories like Bad Guy, The Fiery Priest, Live Up to Your Name and When Spring Comes, but he recently stated that he has worked with young celebrities whom he considers friends and among them he mentioned Jin from BTS. OMG!

When will BTS’s Jin debut in Korean dramas?

It has not yet been confirmed that seokjin filmed a drama, a cameo, or a new acting project, as Kim Nam Gil did not elaborate on how he met the BTS member or what job brought them together.

Among the upcoming projects in the career of this Korean actor are dramas Island Y Bandit: The Sound of the Knifewhich will be released in 2022, but we will have to wait a little longer to discover if perhaps Jin worked on any of them or if it is something totally different.

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