Jin Explains Why He Always Looks Good In His Photos 2022 #Celebrity

Jin: The title of Worldwide Handsome is very suitable for Jin and the singer of the band BTS proved it again. Beauty is one of his many qualities but now it also showed his self-esteem.

Every BTS fan may have a bias within the group, but all the members of the group have gotten compliments for their beautyWell, in addition to the great talent they show on stage, these guys know how to look good.

K-Pop singers inside BTS have their own beauty secrets such as the care they give to their skin, what they look for in their outfits and more, but if there is someone who has become known for a good look Y self esteem enviable is Jin.

Recently the idol He showed us the confidence he has when it comes to beauty and also aroused the envy of many due to that security that he conveyed in his words, what did the singer of HYBE?

Jin Reveals How He Takes Selfies To Make Himself Look Very Handsome

Members of this gang k pop they had a new interview and in it they were asked interesting details and others that were totally random, for example, we managed to discover what angle they prefer to take their selfies to look so great.

Nevertheless, seokjin He had an answer that left everyone with their mouths open, as it showed his confidence:

When I take selfies or photos I don’t really think about the angle because I always get it right.

BTS’s Jin is an inspiration when it comes to good self-esteem and confidence

the idol of BigHit He is not known as the Worldwide Handsome for nothing, because in addition to his undeniable beauty, he has a confident attitude that makes him look even cooler.

For many people it is not easy to feel totally satisfied with the image that the cameras can capture of oneself, but Jin encourages us to feel that confidence and appreciate every detail of ourselves no matter the angle.

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