Jin From BTS Loves Maple Story, Why is it So Important to Him? 2022 #Celebrity

ARMYs know that Jin from BTS plays Maple Story all the time and it was no surprise to them when the idol decided to start working for NEXON, the developer of the video game. However, they couldn’t help but be touched when the worldwide handsome opened up about why he loves the game so much.

Jin of BTS is a big fan of maple story, a fantasy MMORPG type video game in which the idol can spend hours playing. He recently started working at the game development company and shared with his fans why this it means so much for him.

BTS fans know the love BTS Jin has for maple story. The idol has never hidden his liking for the game and has even shared how he not only enjoys it online, but also spends a lot of time buying merchandise from the game, such as the most recent search for him for a sticker of his favorite Maple Story character. .

For that reason, Jin did not miss the opportunity to be able to work in NEXON, the developer of Maple Story. His entire journey with a new office worker will be aired on Officer Warrior Kim Seokjin, a show that has already premiered its first episode.

The reason BTS’s Jin loves Maple Story is because it’s like a cure for him

The first chapter of Office Warrior Kim Seokjin is now available and in it, Jin from BTS had his first day of work at the NEXON company, the video game developer company maple storythe favorite game of the worldwide handsome.

For his first day of employment, Jin had to face a job interview and was asked what he thinks of maple story, the video game that Jin from BTS is a big fan of. For Jin, this game is like a cure.

The idol confessed to his interviewer that he can’t wait to get home and play Maple Story, assuring that he always feels cured when playing it. Jin also mentioned that the game is like his doctor, his healingits rest space and his sanctuary. He even mentioned that the reason why he wanted to work at NEXON is because he also wants to help in the creation process and make more people feel like he feels while playing.

On the other hand, Jin confessed that he is a very introverted person and does not usually have many friends. However, he assured that while he plays maple story he usually feels that he has many friends when they live with other players, because he always feels welcome.

BTS’s Jin shared that his favorite moment in the game is when he has to face bosses

When asked Jin which is one of the happiest moments that has happened when playing Maple Story, the idol confessed that it is always when he must face a new boss. He also mentioned that he often feels happy when he has experiences that he has never experienced before and loves to challenge himself. So every time he appears a boss that I had never seen in maple story can’t help but feel excited and happy.

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