Jin Gave Up His Dream of Being An Actor, BTS Encourages Him To Take it Up Again 2022 #Celebrity

BTS: The members of Bangtan Sonyeondan have proven to be full of talents. From singing, dancing, composition, production, even golf. Each one is full of surprises. The one who also showed that he had other aspirations was Jin, who told his dream about wanting to be an actor and assured that he might try it in the future. These are the reasons why Jin wanted to become an actor.

Jin of BTS He opened up to his peers and his fans and admitted that as a young man he wanted to become actor and not in idol. In addition to that, she talked about the reasons why she wanted to play all kinds of characters.

ARMYs were surprised to learn that one of Jin’s dreams was not to become an idol, but an actor and they were touched by the way he talked about how, over time, his true desires changed and he didn’t regret who he was. now.

Many fans say that the worldwide handsome could easily become one of the most popular and well-known actors in the business if he wanted to pursue that career, so they are excited about the idol’s upcoming plans.

Jin Opened Up About The Real Reasons He Wanted To Be An Actor And Not An Idol

On the FESTA live broadcast where BTS talked about their wishes for their individual careers, Jin surprised his fellow members by confessing that in the beginning he did not want to become an idol and his wish was to become an actor.

The idol mentioned that the main reason why he wanted to become an actor is because he wanted to live all kinds of new experiences through the characters he played. Try different lives from the roles that you will have to give life and even learn all kinds of things.

Although in the end, instead of being an actor, he ended up debuting in BTS, Jin assured that he does not regret at any time abandoning his dream of being an actor. Well, thanks to BTS and his fans, he experienced many new things that as an actor he would not have been able to experience, so he feels very grateful for having chosen to be an idol and meet his teammates and his fans.

BTS encouraged Jin to become an actor in the future, this is what he replied

After his confession, the members of BTS proposed to Jin that now that they would concentrate on their solo careers, the idol could try to resume that dream and concentrate on acting. However, Jin mentioned that at this point in his life he doesn’t have much interest in trying it. Although she assured that life is very long and perhaps in the future he could try to focus on acting and live new experiences. Would you like to see Jin as an actor?

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