Jin Playing Tennis, Gets Compliments From J-Hope And Coach 2022 #Celebrity

Jin: What is Jin doing these days? All BTS members are carrying out projects that will reveal little by little, but meanwhile the oldest member in the group is having fun playing tennis, how good is he?

Although group activities BTS are temporarily on hiatus, there is no dull day to ARMY and the members of this K-Pop group give us surprises every day, either by interacting with fans on social media or even showing off some of their multiple talents.

Recently, Jin was updating his personal Instagram account, so the idol of BTS He shared a look at what keeps him busy and entertained these days, but best of all, he also works out at the same time.

Jin has been training tennis a sport that we had already seen him practice during a couple of episodes of Run BTS only it seems that the idol took a special affection for this activity and now performs it consistently even outside the filming.

Jin trains tennis and J-Hope doesn’t think his partner is a rookie in the sport

The interpreter of abyss posted a video on his profile where we see him on a tennis court lit by lamps and under the dark sky, this guy hits the ball with style and very focused on this sport.

Though seokjin called himself a rookie by posting this clip of his practice, fans and J Hope They agreed that he doesn’t look like a beginner at all, which is why Arson’s interpreter said:

But in fact you’re doing fine

Jin receives a special message from his tennis coach on Run BTS

As you surely remember, some episodes of Run BTS were released a long time ago where the K-Pop band competed in tennis games, Kim Sang Gyun is the coach who appeared next to them and guided them at that time, but how did he react to the new video of Jin training?

He seems to be proud of Jin’s progress, as he reposted the idol’s video on his own Instagram account and also acknowledged his hard work while calling him ‘tennis world handsome’. AWW!

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