Jin Wanted To Take A Photo Alone And The Group Wouldn’t Let Him 2022 #Celebrity

Jin: The members of Bangtan Sonyeondan are usually very playful with each other and never miss an opportunity to prank their fellow members. Jin was the most recent of his targets, while he was trying to take a solo picture, BTS took it upon himself to make funny poses with him.

Jin of BTS loves to take pictures, however, sometimes his friends from bts decide they want to take the photo with him and they don’t rest until they ‘ruin’ their partner’s shot between games. This was demonstrated by Jin in the most recent series of photos of him.

ARMY knows perfectly well how much Jin loves take pictures anywhere you attend, especially with buildings and structures that catch your eye. Therefore, seeing him pose next to an Olympic stadium was not a surprise to his fans. However, they couldn’t stop laughing and being moved when they saw how BTS had decided to sabotage their photos.

The members of BTS announced a few weeks ago that they would be taking a break to focus on their individual careers. From the start of this new chapter, Jin He has vacationed in various places, including Jeju Island, and has shared photos of his adventures with his fans.

Jin couldn’t take a picture because BTS wanted to be in it too

Through his personal Instagram account, Jin from BTS shared a series of photos in which he appears with his groupmates, with a striking description that made both his followers and the rest of the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan laugh too much.

In your photos, Jin added the caption ‘Let me take a photo by myself’, and in a series of several photos you can see the members of bts striving to appear in the shot with him with all sorts of funny poses. The first members to run to take pictures with Jin were Jungkook and Jimin, as can be seen in this photo.

Jungkook and Jimin posed playfully for the photo while Jin tried to point to the Olympic rings of the stadium he wanted to take a picture with.

Jungkook also wanted to be the star and got too close to the camera to be the main character in the photo of Jinwhile RM and Jimin They posed in the background with their hands raised and Jin just made the sign of peace with his hands.

More and more BTS members filtered into Jin’s photo to pose in fun ways. As Jungkook raised Jin’s arms, J Hope, MR and Jimin also fit better for photography.

J-Hope had fun with the photos of Jin with his classmates

After sharing the series of photos on his Instagram account, J-Hope was quick to leave a comment in such iconic photos, leaving a long line of emojis laughing with tears in their eyes. For the rapper, it was hilarious that the worldwide handsome couldn’t take a picture without his friends in it. What was your favorite photo?

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