Jin Will Design Games At MapleStory, it Was Announced 2022 #Celebrity

Jin will be working with a major video game company, MapleStory shared the employee profile of this BTS member, how will the idol collaborate with the company?

Previously, HYBE revealed that members of BTS they would focus on new individual projects and, although one of the most anticipated activities is the release of their solo albums, this is not the only activity they have in mind.

As proof of this, Jin made it known that he would work with a major company and published a photograph of his new badge where we could see the name of the company. video game NEXON.

Until then there were no details of what kind of activities the K-Pop idol would carry out within the world of video games, but now MapleStory made his arrival at the company official, announcing what exactly he will do Jin.

MapleStory Welcomes Jin And Reveals An Adorable Profile Of The Idol

MapleStory recently shared that starting on August 16, Jin will start working as part of the company’s team. Jin will be collaborating on the design and planning of new games, so it will show his creativity in a different way.

To announce the arrival of seokjin to the project, Maple Story’s social networks shared a job application where the BTS singer is running as a candidate for the position of game planner. Throughout the image we see details such as his name, his age, hobbies, his professional experience and even his nickname as Worldwide Handsome.

Jin has had a special connection to video games for a long time.

The BTS member is a fan of having fun with some video games, he has skills in this hobby but he has also become quite a connoisseur, so previously he was even invited as a judge for a special NEXON event.

Can you imagine what kind of game the singer? Surely soon we will have some news about it.

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