Jin Will Keep Buying Bread Until He Has Wonky from MapleStory 2022 #Celebrity

Jin: It’s no secret to fans that BTS’s Jin loves cute things. The hyung of the group has not been afraid to show his special taste for adorable things and that taste led him to buy more than 20 buns that include different stickers, all in search of Wonky, the character that he liked.

Jin of BTS showed his addiction to breads via Weverse. Everything after MapleStory will launch a special line with prints of the characters from its video game. And Jin couldn’t stay without getting the sticker of his favorite character.

ARMY couldn’t help but laugh at Jin’s latest post. Touched by the idol’s journey to get the stamp of his favorite character, who will appear inside the MapleStory breads. His fans hope that Jin doesn’t have to eat enough bread to find Wonky the Fairy.

Although he is the oldest of BTS, Jin always manages to show his adorable side, especially when he goes into fan mode wanting to get merchandise of your favorite characters. This was the experience of him trying to get a sticker from MapleStory:

Jin visited 15 different convenience stores to buy bread and get Wonky

Through Weverse, Jin shared with ARMY his most recent journey, in which the idol went to more than 15 convenience stores different to buy different breads from MapleStory.

In his post, in addition to mentioning all the stores he visited, BTS’s Jin also explained that he was unable to buy all the breads of the store in consideration of the people who were there. And that she hoped that in one of those packages she would find Wonky the Fairythe main reason for his insatiable search.

In the same way, the idol mentioned that thanks to those breads, he would not go hungry all week. These breads are five different and each one contains a random stamp, there are 80 different styles. Do you think Jin managed to get the card she wanted?

Who is Wonky? The MapleStory character that Jin wants to get

Wonky the Fairy belongs to the video game MapleStory. She is a fairy that is found in the tower of the Goddess Minerva and allows you to explore that level. This charming character became Jin’s favorite and for whom he is willing to eat bread all week in order to get his sticker.

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