Jin’s Debut As An Actor is The Most Anticipated and Supported 2022 #Celebrity

BTS’s Jin had recently revealed that before debuting, his main dream was to become an actor and that he would plan to try it in the future. Following this comment, many fans began to speculate that the idol might soon appear on the screen and even Chungmuro, the Korean film industry is eagerly awaiting this new stage of the idol.

The debut of Jin of BTS like actor is one of the most anticipated. Not only thousands of fans want to see him perform. Also the korean film industry has spoken about it and did not hesitate to send words of encouragement for the idol in what could be a new stage of his life.

Jin is one of the members of BTS who has shown more interest in acting. Although only V has made her debut on the small screen so far, many are eagerly awaiting the time when Jin joins the industry and appears in a drama, movie, or musical.

For that reason, fans weren’t surprised to find out that even the South Korean film industry has its eyes on Jin. Recently officials from Chungmuro showed their support for the actor. What did they say?

Jin was supported in his desire to act by Chungmuro ​​officials

Recently, officials from Chungmuro, the film industry in South Korea, talked about Jin from BTS and his desire to act. Since the idol confessed that he had wanted to be an actor, many are waiting to see this new stage in the idol’s life.

Chungmuro ​​representatives sent a message of encouragement for Jin in which they mentioned that they expected the idol to do his screen debut and that they were looking forward to meeting him frequently in the future, hinting that they wanted him to start working on many projects.

Although so far there are only rumors of the Jin’s debut As an actor, fans can’t wait to see him on screen. Ensuring that without a doubt the idol will show all his talent and create unforgettable characters.

What is Chungmuro? The movie industry that talked about Jin’s debut

Chungmuro is considered the Hollywood from South Korea. It is one of the largest film industries in the country and several famous actors are considered part of it. the considerate Chungmuro ​​actors They are the ones who have received important awards for their acting and popularity, among which Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun stand out. On the other hand, Chungmuro ​​waiting for BTS Jin’s debut raises great expectations among fans about his future as an actor.

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