Jinxed at First, When Does it Premiere And What is Seohyun’s Drama About

Jinxed: Good news for K-Drama lovers! KBS is about to premiere a new story featuring Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun and actor Na In Woo. The plot has already captured the attention of thousands and the newly revealed trailer was able to give a slight taste of what is to come in this series, have you seen it?

Jinxed At First is he new drama on KBS, which will tell the story of a goddess of fortune who meets a very unlucky man and together they could change the fate of both. Do you want to know what this sweet story will be about?

Starring Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun and Na In Woo, this drama is shaping up to be one of the summer romance stories that will steal everyone’s attention. With a plot full of mystery and fantasy, it is a series that you should add to your list so you don’t miss it.

So if you need more reasons to add this entertaining story to your premiere list, the following information might interest you. What will Jinxed at First, the new KBS drama, be about?

Jinxed at First will be a K-Drama of romance and fantasy that you will love

The drama Jinxed at First will be a fantasy and romance story, which will focus on the life of a captive goddess of fortune who is able to see the future of anyone she touches and that her life will change greatly. when I meet a young man with no luck.

Seohyun will play Seul Bi, a goddess of fortune who upon seeing the future of everyone she touches is locked up and sentenced to live in captivity. Although her situation might seem tragic, her character is bright and positive, being quite tender to the viewer. Her life will change when she meets the character of Na In Woo, a Gong Soo Kwan, a young man who seems to be cursed, because his luck is terrible, if not null. And he is used to experiencing a series of misfortunes that he faces with positivity, since he is resigned to his ‘curse’.

For some strange reason, the unfortunate young man is forced to live with the goddess and in this way the lives of both will change completely. The trailer shows a strange scenario in which it seems that the same government or high command are involved with the confinement of the goddess. You can see the trailer here:

When does Seohyun’s new drama Jinxed at First premiere?

Jinxed at First will premiere its first episode on June 15 and will be available through the Viki streaming platform. An entertaining drama with Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun that you don’t want to miss. Have you added it to your list yet?

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