Joker 2: Lady Gaga Will Play Harley Quinn Alongside Joaquin Phoenix?

Lady Gaga has a string of major projects and could well play in the film “Joker 2″ with Joaquin Phoenix. Nothing stops Lady Gaga! After, Top Gun 2, the star could join a new production, that of Joker 2.


After the success of A Star is Born, Lady Gaga continues the projects. Between her role as a businesswoman with her makeup brand Haus of Laboratories and that of an actress in House of Gucci, the star is causing a sensation everywhere. Everything she touches turns to gold.

Moreover, aware of her influence, Lady Gaga agreed to make the soundtrack of Top Gun 2. And unsurprisingly, the song entitled Hold My Hand quickly won first place on iTunes. And for good reason, the film released in 1986 made its big comeback this year at the cinema.

As it is a big project, Lady Gaga explained on her Twitter account: “When I wrote this song for Top Gun: Maverick, I had not even realized the multiple ways in which it resonates with the heart of the film, my own psyche, and the nature of the world we live in”. In short, the star loved composing this soundtrack.

Neither one nor two, it seems that Lady Gaga is embarking on a completely different project, just as big. Indeed, it could be that she plays in a new big Hollywood production. And not least, since it is a thriller derived from the adventures of Batman, the Joker 2.

Lady Gaga could well join the cast of Joker 2 and therefore play with Joaquin Phoenix. Especially since this sequel could look like a musical.


Todd Phillips revealed a few days ago the title of Joker 2, Folie à Deux, which indicates that Joaquin Phoenix could well live a beautiful love story with a certain Harley Quinn. Yes, the two individuals will find themselves well in their respective troubles. Just that !

Lady Gaga could soon slip into the skin of Harley Quinn in Joker 2 by Todd Phillips. No, the star will not steal Margot Robbie’s place in Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey or The Suicide Squad.

Especially since for the moment, Lady Gaga is in talks to embody Harley Quinn on the screen in Joker 2, Folie à Deux. She is therefore in the middle of negotiations to find out whether or not she will join the DC universe. But a detail suggests that she could well be chosen.

Everything is woven behind the director of Joker 2, Todd Phillips who also produced A Star is Born. Perhaps this detail will weigh in the balance since he has already worked with Lady Gaga.

For the moment nothing is certain. In any case, if the Joker 2 takes the path of musical comedy, then Lady Gaga will have its place in this production. Indeed, she has proven herself well in the film A Star is Born.

We just have to wait for production confirmations to find out if Lady Gaga will share the Joker 2 poster with Joaquin Phoenix. Besides, the latter might not be part of the adventure. Case to follow!

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