Jun Ji Hyun and His Regret Meme 2022 #Celebrity

Jun Ji Hyun: The story of My Love from The Star made us laugh in all its episodes, Jun Ji Hyun’s character’s moment of crisis became a meme due to his funny reactions after seeing the chaos he caused.

Do you remember this K-Drama? It all starts with a popular actress named Cheon Song Yi, she is in the middle of a controversy so she moves out of the apartment and that is how she meets Do Min Joon. An alien that has a human appearance but has been on Earth since the Joseon era.

They seem to be complete opposites and so at first they seem like enemies, but they inevitably become close. The story of this drama is carried out by Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo-hyunbut in addition to a great love story, he gave us funny moments.

Thus, one of the most iconic scenes of My Love From The Star became a meme of regret, especially when you text or make calls to the wrong person.

Did you send the wrong message? My Love from The Star has the meme for you

The meme shows us the actress Jun Ji Hyun in her role as Cheon Song Yi, she appears disheveled and with smudged makeup as she holds her phone in front of her and stares at the screen in disbelief.

His face reflects regret when he sees who he was contacting, so it’s the ideal meme for when you or a friend send a message by mistake, call your ex in a moment of weakness, send the screenshot to the wrong chat and many more. other awkward moments that can occur through the cell phone. oops!

Where does the meme of Jun Ji Hyun looking at his phone with regret come from?

The scene where this meme comes from corresponds to episode 11 of the drama My Love From The Star, Cheon Song Yi wakes up in his totally messy apartment and remembers that when he wasn’t in his right mind he was singing at the top of his lungs and mentioning Do Min Joon.

Upon entering his room, he checks his phone and realizes how many times he dialed the number of the boy who is now his manager, but as if that were not enough, he sent him many text messages with claims and more phrases that he now totally regrets. embarrassed, ashamed.

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