Jun Pyo memes in Boys Over Flowers That Will Make You Laugh 2022 #Celebrity

Although Boys Over Flowers is not a comedy drama, its characters had very funny moments and phrases, that’s why some of them went down in history as iconic scenes and also as unmistakable memes.

The K-Drama of Jun Pyo and Jan Di it focuses on a romantic plot and a love triangle, but throughout its episodes we saw much more than that, such as friendship, competitions, social class differences, meddling families and more.

As you know, the actor Lee Minho He was in charge of interpreting the role of Jun Pyo, an heir who faced his family when he fell in love with a poor girl.

But this character’s way of being could be confident and at the same time clumsy, self-centered but funny, so some of his scenes in Boys Over Flowers now they are memes, then you can remember the best ones.

Boys Over Flowers: Junpyo Phrases That Became Memes

Let’s start with a very popular one that you have surely used on more than one occasion. What is the reason for Jun Pyo to wake up early? According to him…

The one who gets up early, God gives more money

Another funny moment came when the protagonist’s lullaby reappeared in front of him, in addition to his surprised reaction he made us laugh with his phrase of…

Are you still alive?

And we know that Jun Pyo was sometimes very busy, but most of the time he just pretended to be:

You know I’m a very busy guy, so busy that I didn’t see that you haven’t called me for three days and three hours

Although it is not a phrase, we could not leave out one of the funniest reactions of Lee Min Ho’s character, when he found a cockroach in the room he was renting:

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