Jung Hae In Would Star in A Sequel To Veteran, What is The Film About? 2022 #Celebrity

Jung Hae In: If you miss seeing Jung Hae In on screen, then you’ll be glad to hear that there’s news about his next character. We tell you what the movie where she would appear in is about and what character she could play.

Just a few months ago we saw Jung Hae In bringing Sooho to life in the kdrama snow dropstory where he worked with BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and it was also confirmed that he will participate in the second season of PD., however, has one more project on the horizon.

The career of this Korean actor has been focused on dramas from the beginning, but he has had outstanding participation in the cinema and could soon return to the big screen.

Jung Hae In received an attractive offer for a new character that would lead him to be part of the industry of cinema once again, we tell you what his company said about his participation in the film, what it is about and everything about his character.

Jung Hae In is a candidate to be in the sequel to Veteran, will he join the cast?

As soon as the news that Jung Hae In is being considered for a role in this film broke, the agency FNC-Entertainment released a brief statement disclosing details about the offer.

According to the company, the conversations between the actor and the production are currently taking place, nothing has been decided yet but they will report if there are any changes to this project.

What is Veteran about and what character would Jung Hae In have in the new story?

The film Veteran focuses on crime and action themes, tells the story of a chaebol named Jo Tae Oh, who is chased by a special investigation team. The tape premiered in 2015, for now the sequel does not have a definitive name or a probable date for its release.

Jung Hae In’s character would be new to the plot, as he would be Jo Tae Oh’s successor, however, we will have to wait to find out if he will accept the offer to be part of the cast of this production. Would you like to see him in this character?

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