Jungkook and Charlie Puth Share How Left and Right Was Filmed 2022 #Celebrity

Jungkook: Left and Right is a collaboration between Charlie Puth and Jungkook from BTS, where the South Korean showed his mastery of the language and sang completely in English, also appearing in the MV for the song. This is how the video recording process went.

Jungkook Y charlie puth excited all their fans when they announced their collaboration Left and Right, a sweet and relaxed song perfect to enjoy on a quiet day. Do you want to know how they filmed this video? This was the behind the scenes.

Although sometimes the collaborations of certain groups remain only in the audio or record their scenes separately, Charlie Puth and Jungkook recorded the music video together for Left and Righttheir most recent collaboration, and delighted their fans with the behind-the-scenes video.

For ARMY, Left and Right quickly became their favorite song and seeing how they recorded the music video for the song completely enchanted the fans of both artists. Left and Right quickly became a very popular song upon its release.

Jungkook and Charlie Puth had fun while filming Left and Right

For many, BTS Jungkook’s Left and Right video with charlie puth It was a complete success and they were completely delighted with each of the scenes. In addition to their flashy costumes and chemistry, they enjoyed every single shot.

For this reason, the official Charlie Puth channel shared a video about what it was like shooting the music video for Left and Right with the South Korean singer Jungkook and you can see how they both had fun singing and dancing in each shot.

On top of that, Jungkook and Charlie couldn’t help but play around between scenes, either making funny sounds or improvising a beatbox while listening to the melody in the background. If you want to see how it was recording process.

Left and Right by Jungkook and Charlie Puth is the most successful debut of a collaboration

On the other hand, when it was released Left and Right of Charlie Puth with Jungkook, became the collaboration with the most successful debut of a Korean act. Beating BTS’s previous record with Coldplay for their song My Universe. The song got several achievements on various platforms like Spotify and iTunes. Without a doubt, he completely fell in love with his followers.

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