Jungkook And Charlie Puth, When Does Left & Right Premiere? 2022 #Celebrity

Jungkook: The rumors turned out to be totally true, Jungkook from BTS worked together with Charlie Puth and soon we will hear a song by these two artists joining their voices, we will tell you when Left & Right is released and everything you need to know about the single.

During BTS’s last trip to America, Jungkook traveled in advance and landed in a different city, which sparked many suspicions about what the idol was working on, but one of the strongest rumors was precisely a collaboration.

We are now certain that the Golden Maknae of BTS really brought his talent together with that of another artist. BigHit released a statement stating that charlie puth He had invited Jungkook to release a song by his side and the K-Pop idol accepted.

In addition, creative director Matthew Daniel Siskin announced on social networks that he had been with the interpreter of my time and Charlie Puth in New York, admitting it was hard to keep it all a secret.

Jungkook and Charlie Puth reveal a video with previews of Left & Right

The real surprise announcement came a little before these statements, as they were Jungkook and Charlie Puth who surprised on social networks when the American singer shared a new video where the idol.

In the clip we see them exchanging comments while Charlie asks the BTS member to interpret certain verses and he follows the instruction, later joining them in one of the trailers that reveal what this single will sound like.

When does Jungkook and Charlie Puth’s collaboration premiere?

In the statement published by BigHit, it was revealed that Left & Right, Jungkook and Charlie Puth’s song will be released on June 24, that is, exactly one week from now.

This is the first release from one of the BTS members since the group announced that we’ll be seeing more individual activities from each one, so it’s just the beginning of many surprises.

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