Jungkook Camping on The Beach, Best Moments of His Video 2022 #celebrity

Jungkook: ARMY was quite excited with the premiere of Jungkook’s vlog. For this video, the idol traveled to the beach to have a small camp with a campfire and even burn marshmallows, sharing many fun and lovely moments with his fans, here are some of the best.

Jungkook of BTS was the protagonist of a new vlog for the official channel of BANGTAN TV. The maknae of the group took the opportunity to go to the beach and have a small camp for himself, where he shared several moments with ARMYs.

BTS is currently on a break from activities as a group, as each of the members begins to focus on their individual careers. For this, each of the members is releasing vlogs where she hangs out with her fans in different situations.

The most recent video was Jungkook the idol took advantage of the day to go to to camp to the beach and eat all kinds of delicious food, sharing many pleasant moments with ARMY. These were the best.

Best moments from Jungkook’s vlog camping on the beach

During his vlog, Jungkook of BTS had many fun moments. The idol did not miss the opportunity to enjoy a trip on his own. For that reason, even when he was in the supermarket he showed the playful side of him while he had fun in the cart.

On the other hand, BTS’s maknae just can’t get That That out of his head, the song produced by his groupmate for legendary singer PSY was a hit and Jungkook can’t stop singing it.

Similarly, Jungkook took advantage of the vlog to enjoy a delicious meal and enthusiastically devoured a spiral potato that looked delicious.

In a part of the vlog, Jungkook took advantage of the moment to talk about a song he wrote for ARMY and what the fandom means to him. Ensuring that every time he thinks of his fans he can only feel grateful, mentioning that they are the reason for his existence.

Finally, the idol was in front of a campfire burning marshmallows. However, as she gazed wistfully into the fire, she couldn’t help but wonder what her fellow BTS members were doing and wanted to know if they were enjoying life with him. She also mentioned that he missed BTS a lot.

If you want to see Jungkook’s entire vlog on a picnic, you can watch it here. It is found with English subtitles and is on the official channel of BANGTAN TV.

What is Jungkook of BTS currently working on?

A few weeks ago, Jungkook premiered his collaboration with Charlie Puth called Left & Rightafter that, the idol also participated along with the vocal line of BTS singing part of the song Bad Decisions along with Benny Blanco and the famous rapper Snoop Dogg. After that, it is unknown if the group’s maknae is working on releasing a solo album, but fans can’t wait to hear music from each of the members. Would you like to listen to a Jungkook solo album?

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