Jungkook Has New Tattoos and Covered The Eye on His Arm 2022 #Celebrity

Jungkook: The most recent visit of the idol to a tattoo studio brought with it many changes, Jungkook’s tattoos now have a lot of color and also some of the strokes that we already knew were replaced.

The boys of BTS have become new tattoos recently since they made the decision to have a symbol of friendship on their skin, but when Jungkook visited his tattoo artist, decided that he really wanted to make a lot of changes to the art he already had with him.

The golden maknae of this K-Pop band is known for his talent, but also for his love for tattoos, since for a long time he has begun to build a collection that he carries on one of his arms.

A ARMY he loves how the idol of BTS like that, but recently tattoos of Jungkook were transformed and a specialist renewed the look of the strokes on his skin.

BTS’s Jungkook changed his eye-shaped tattoo, how do they look now?

Most of the changes include the coloring or redesign of some tattoos that we already knew, but in other cases the idol also wanted to replace some of them completely.

However, it was also the time to say goodbye to the eye-shaped tattoo that Jungkook wore for a long time. Now instead it reads Bulletproof in black, blue, and white accents.

Jungkook thanks his tattoo artist for helping him renew the look of his tattoos

The idol also left an autograph for the tattoo artist who worked on this project, but he showed how important this change in the details of his arm was for him:

Thank you very much for saving my arm… Please take care of me in the future too.

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