Jungkook Looks Like A Vampire in A Photo That Broke The Internet 2022 #Celebrity

Jungkook has the perfect look to be part of a vampire movie, the idol demonstrated it with a photo that excited BTS fans, becoming one of the most talked about topics on Twitter.

When the boys of BTS do something that excites ARMY, the whole world finds out and this is thanks to the fact that the enormous fandom of the group always leads idols to stand out on social networks, either for the release of a new song , a photo, something they said in an interview or a moment during their concerts.

Recently, Jungkook surprised fans by updating the group’s Twitter account, but he greeted fans with a photo that took everyone by surprise.

What makes this image of the K-Pop singer and member of BTS unique? We tell you why the image caused a stir on Twitter and took over the trends of that platform on the Internet.

Jungkook fell in love with ARMY in an unexpected photo with his vampire look

Recently, the official BTS account on Twitter shared a photo that made ARMY happy, but the image took fans by surprise because on this occasion, Jungkook appeared with a vampire look.

The interpreter of My Time wears a slightly blurred appearance in a dark place, we only see his face and part of his shoulders, where a white shirt with an old style and details on the neck can be seen. Above all, what caught our attention is that Jungkook has red eyes and lips, as if he were a character in a vampire movie.

Jungkook’s impact on Twitter is demonstrated once again

The new photo of the BTS member caused a furor among the group’s fans, who showered Jungkook’s beauty with compliments and didn’t hesitate to show their surprise as they pointed out how well he fits the vibe of the portrait.

With so many ARMY comments pouring in from everywhere, this K-Pop singer took over 4 of the top 10 trends with the most talked about topics on Twitter. VAMPIRE JUNGKOOK came in at 7th place, while #Photo_Folio and #Editor_JK took 5th and 3rd place respectively. First place went to JEON JUNGKOOK of course, proving his great popularity.

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