Jungkook Met A Fan on The Street and This Happened 2022 #Celebrity

Can you imagine what it would be like to meet Jungkook while walking down the street? The BTS idol showed his pleasant personality when meeting a fan and both portrayed the moment with a photo that aroused envy.

Even though the members of BTS are on a break when it comes to group activities, there is no dull moment for ARMYbecause all the members continue to star in news that keep the fandom very attentive.

Jungkook For example, he is preparing his first Photo Folio and has already excited fans with the first previews, but the idol has also caused a stir by meeting fans.

A new photo shows the K-Pop singer with a lucky fan, we tell you all about the image that moved ARMY and that shows us how adorable Jungkook is when meeting fans.

ARMY shares Jungkook’s photo with his friend and the idol receives compliments

Recently, an admirer of Bangtan Sonyeondan turned to social networks to share his great emotion and surprise with other fans of the group of HYBE. The Internet user shared the screenshot of an Insta-story and said that his friend had seen Jungkook on the street.

Yesterday I took a picture with Jungkookie

The Instagram story was accompanied by that brief message, but something that caught the attention of many is that the idol of k pop looks very happy and posed comfortably next to the fan while showing a big smile, which caused good comments to appear for the nice personality from the singer.

BTS fans want the luck of the fan who met Jungkook by chance

While meeting the members of BTS in person is a wish that many ARMYs harbor in their hearts, these types of experiences simply increase the strength of that dream, as they give us a glimpse of what it is like to live such a moment in real life.

And you, would you like to meet a member of BTS while walking down the street? Tell us who you would rather see by any chance.

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